Walking with a Himalayan Master

Justin O'Brien, Ph.D. A skeptical American scholar reluctantly meets a Himalayan master and a new vista of the ancient teacher-disciple paradigm emerges for this century.

Going where few have ventured, we resonate with theologian and philosopher Justin O'Brien as he zig-zags through a personal quest for the ultimate. His fascinating search for a holistic lifestyle was sparked and prodded by a great saint, yogi, and scientist who called the Himalayas his home.

Walking with a Himalayan Master reveals the incredible career of the sage, Swami Rama, who shattered the boundaries of human possibilities and transformed the lives of thousands. It reveals how everyday events and ancient spiritual practices enabled an American to retrace the trail of human development to the wisdom already tried and confirmed by the Himalayan masters.

O'Brien discovered that he was on the same enlightening path as the master, full of unexpected pitfalls and moments of pure awakening, set in different cultural circumstances. He learns that yoga is a science of life that opens resources, not by faith, but by affirming and enriching the body, mind, and spirit.

His Olympian teacher sets the stages for his apprentice in dreams and travels that leave indelible marks on the American's spirit. A bond slowly forms between these two men that inspires the deep commitment of the disciple to a destiny little traveled and yet keeps him free to probe and prove to himself the practical worth of the sacred knowledge that his master so consummately embodies.

Walking with a Himalayan Master offers the story of this extraordinary yogi as well as the author's candid revelations of his own spiritual odyssey under the tutelage of this supreme teacher of eternal truths.

"This riveting book gives us a glimpse into the life and teaching of one of this century's truly extraordinary yoga masters and also shows that authentic discipleship is possible in the West."

"In Walking with a Himalayan Master, Dr. Justin O'Brien exhibits the real relationship of a sincere disciple to a great guru."

"A Bengali proverb says, 'There are hundreds and thousands of gurus, but to find a real disciple is truly rare.' Dr. O'Brien's account of how he became a disciple is a great contribution for spiritual seekers."

'In this timely book Dr. O'Brien generously describes his personal, transformative experiences with his guru and provides readers an intimate view of Swami Rama's unique personality as well as the breadth and depth of his mission-oriented life."

"I value your contribution to making Swami Rama's teachings better known to the public. He was trained in the arduous and austere discipline of the Himalayan yogis. His prowess in the yogi body controlled by the will gave him notoriety amongst researchers in mind-body biofeedback."

"Swami Rama...championed the ability to inspire people with the straight and simple truth. He served his students as a master..."

"Swami Rama was an 'Old Soul', a rare giant, a masterful guru which Dr. O'Brien's book reveals masterfully. It communicates the inner process by which the guru-disciple relationship is established. It is rare that one has the opportunity to glimpse into this sacred journey by a soul who has studied for decades at the feet of a Himalayan Master...It makes this book a must for all who are interested in the spiritual path, whether a beginning student or an advanced disciple."

Walking with a Himalayan Master is published by Yes International Publishers