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Come and discover the joy of being in touch with yourself on all levels; body, mind and spirit. We offer a variety of workshops, conferences, retreats, and professional trainings in hatha yoga, meditation, wellness, philosophy of life, and personal growth.

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My Mala Broke!

With Daya Seeley
Saturday, Jan 20 10:00 AM-12:00PM

It Happens! And here's what you can do....

Come to this hands-on class to learn how to restring your beloved mala. Bring your broken mala and pair of pointed tweezers to begin restringing at class. You will learn the art of knotting, the types of threads/cords and needles to use, the variety of beads available, the different size holes in the beads and why it matters, how to make and attach a tassel and much more. If you want to make your own mala, I will have a couple of kits available for purchase for $15. You only need to bring a tweezers. Let's not only join our beads, but our hearts and hands to rediscover the beautiful and meditative art of mala-making. Help keep our tradition alive!

Cost: $30, $25 with pre-registration

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Energize your Eyesight!

with Swami Jaidev

Saturday, Feb 3 10:00 AM-12:00 PM

Have you ever thought about your eyes being a muscle that can be strengthened like any other muscle? Paying attention to your eyes can not only strengthen your eyesight but can have other wonderful side benefits. Improving and protecting your vision takes practice. In this workshop, you will learn techniques that you can practice yourself. All of the techniques will be envisioned within the scope of optimal wellness. Join us so that you can see from all points of view!


Cost: $30, $25 with pre-registration

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Indian Cooking Class

with Vaishalee

Saturday, Feb 24 10:00 AM-12:30 PM

Cooking is an art that is explored in every country. The Indian cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines on Earth. It is well balanced with proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy spices and is full of flavor. Come to this hands-on cooking class to learn the ancient art of South Indian cooking. We will prepare a nutritious feast of dosas, chutney, daal, spiced potatoes and of course masala chai. Recipes will be provided to registrants. Come prepared with an appetite for learning and eating!

Maximum of 6 participants. Location: Devi Ashram. Details will be sent to registrants.

Cost: $30, $25 with pre-registration

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Fundraiser: A Goddess Intensive

with Yogi Raj Prem Prakash

Friday, March 2 - Sunday March 4

Friday, March 2, 7:00 pm: Discussion, Location: IHT

In the tantric tradition, the Goddess reigns supreme. This is a paradigm in which the divine feminine is respected as the foundation of love, ecstasy, and freedom. This divinity abides equally in men and women, as well as all other forms of life. We will explore traditional teachings as well as contemporary ramifications of authentic tantra.

Saturday, March 3, 1:00-4:00 pm Fire Yajna , Location: Streifel Home, 1783 Eleanor Ave, St Paul 55116

A yogic fire ceremony is a practice of invocation and evocation. We invoke the presence of beings of higher consciousness, and we evoke that same higher consciousness that resides within us in potential. It is a means of clarifying intention and purifying karma. The ceremony is quite simple, effective, and very beautiful. Through mantra repetition, we generate enormous positive, healing energy, which radiates within us and throughout the surrounding environment.

Saturday, March 3, 7:00-8:00 pm Kirtan, Location: IHT

Kirtan is the yoga practice of using music as a means of transforming consciousness. It is a tribal experience of cultivating bhava samadhi, communion through emotions. It creates a doorway between worlds, invoking beings of higher consciousness and evoking our own divinity. In kirtan there is a circle of connection with no authoritarian leader. Without performer or audience, we are free to join in samadhi and realize our shared divine identity. Bring your musical instruments.

Sunday, March 4 10:00-11:30 am Pranayama & Asana class, Location: IHT

Hatha yoga is the yoga of physical postures, breath regulation, and mental focus. In America, most people think of hatha yoga as the practice of asanas, often translated as “postures.” The Sanskrit term, asana, though, literally means “seat.” In hatha yoga, we use the asanas as vehicles of meditation and learn how to sit comfortably, or abide harmoniously, in our bodies. Advancement in hatha yoga is not bending and twisting into extravagant positions, rather, it it learning how to have a healthy relationship with your own body. This class will focus on postures that will be accessible to healthy individuals of all levels of fitness.

Cost: Donations are gratefully accepted. Yogi Raj Prem Prakash has donated time once again to IHT. Thank you!

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