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Come and discover the joy of being in touch with yourself on all levels; body, mind and spirit. We offer a variety of workshops, conferences, retreats, and professional trainings in hatha yoga, meditation, wellness, philosophy of life, and personal growth.

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Guru Purnima

The Commemoration of the Himalayan Tradition
Saturday Evening, July 8, 6:00-8:30 PM.

This day we celebrate the presence in our lives of the Himalayan Sages. We honor them for bringing the wisdom that reminds us who we are. These men and women guide us to the realization of the pure teacher within. All initiates and students of the Himalayan Tradition are invited to attend a pot-luck picnic followed by a service and meditation.



All donations are gratefully accepted.


How Yoga came to the Twin Cities

With Maynard Speece
Saturday, July 15, 10:00 AM-12:00PM

We will trace the path of authentic wisdom from its roots at the top of the world in the Himalayas, across and around the world to our own Twin Cities. Little known facts and coincidences are sprinkled throughout the story. For example, Swami Vivekananda first visited the Twin Cities in November of 1893. Having read the Legend of Hiawatha he said he was thrilled to visit Minnehaha Falls the site of the legend. More amazing facts and trivia await you!

Cost: $30, $25 with pre-registration

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How to Challenge Aging

With Swami Jaidev
Saturday, July 29, 10:00 AM-12:00PM

Who does not want more vitality as they get older?
In this workshop, we will learn and practice basic,
self-care skills for body and mind that induce new potentials
for self-renewal and rejuvenation.

Bring a blanket…No breakfast…and remember, as Mae West proved: ‘You’re never too old to become younger.’  

Suggested Donation: $20-25

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The Art & Science of Yoga - Fundraiser

With Yogiraj Prem Prakash
Aug 11-13, 2017

Prem Prakash has generously offered his time once again to IHT - Thank you Prem Prakash!

Friday 7-9 pm Satsang
Saturday 1-4 pm Workshop & 7-9 pm Kirtan
Sunday 10-12 pm Hatha Yoga


Friday 7-9 Satsang: The Art & Science of Yoga
Yoga is a precise science, a technology of changing consciousness. Yoga is also a delicate art, requiring intuition, creativity, and passion. We will explore the science and art of yoga, and how practicing both aspects opens one to a world of wonder, of healing, and of spiritual development. We will explore yogic philosophy in order to appreciate the yogic paradigm of peace, along with instruction in the practices of yoga and meditation.

Saturday 1-4 pm and 7-9 pm (kirtan): Mantra Yoga and Tantra Yoga
“Mantra,” is a Sanskrit term that literally means, “That which nurtures and empowers the mind.” The purpose of mantra is heal the mind from habits and obsessions, especially the modern manifestations of hurry, worry, fear and self-doubt. “Tantra,” means, “to weave.” Tantra yoga is a process of weaving all aspects of our lives -- body, mind, and feelings -- into a positive, holistic expression. In addition to discussion, we will participate in a tantric puja, a ceremony of identifying with divinity, and a kirtan, a musical exploration of mantra and sound.

Sunday 10-12: Hatha Yoga
Hatha yoga is the yoga of physical postures, breath regulation, and mental focus. In America, most people think of hatha yoga as the practice of asanas, often translated as “postures.” The Sanskrit term, asana, though, literally means “seat.” In hatha yoga, we use the asanas as vehicles of meditation and learn how to sit comfortably, or abide harmoniously, in our bodies. Advancement in hatha yoga is not bending and twisting into extravagant positions, rather, it it learning how to have a healthy relationship with your own body. This class will focus on postures that will be accessible to healthy individuals of all levels of fitness.

Pre-Registration is highly recommended, especially for Sunday hatha yoga session.

All money raised will go to sustaining IHT.

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