The Wellness Tree

The Dynamic Six-Step Program for Creating Optimal Wellness

By Justin O'Brien, Ph.D. (Swami Jaidev Bharati)

From the self-care expert who teaches wellness to doctors, comes the handbook of optimal wellness. Dr. Justin O'Brien, who has taught wellness for twenty-five years, wrote the first edition of this breakthrough primer in 1990. This is the new third edition which continues to help readers change their lives. Rich in ancient tradition and current mind research, The Wellness Tree challenges you to transform ordinary health and ensuing decline into powerful possibilities for rejuvenation and awakened consciousness. Trade Paper.

"A dynamic program!" - Deepak Chopra, M.D.; Ageless Body, Timeless Mind

"A broad overview of wellness in practical terms that will make it easy for you to start your own program." - Andrew Weil, M.D.; Healer and Healing

"Dr. Menninger once said we can learn to be 'weller than well.' Justin O'Brien's book shows just how to do that." - Elmer Green, Ph.D.; Emeritus, Menninger Foundation

"...accurate instruction for the enchantment of health." - Caroline Myss; Anatomy of the Spirit

"O'Brien has discovered the roots of health in human energy patterns." - Richard Gerber, M.D.; Vibrational Medicine

Yes International Publishers ISBN: 0-936663-25-1


A Meeting of Mystic Paths

Christianity and Yoga

By Justin O'Brien, Ph.D. (Swami Jaidev Bharati)

Midwest Book Achievement Award:
Best Religious Book

This thought-provoking book takes an incisive look at the merits and dialog, contrasts and convergences, practices and beliefs between the two spirituality that have guided humankind for centuries. A rich understanding of the nature of Jesus and the meaning of higher consciousness.

"What Einstein did for Newtonian physics, Justin O'Brien does for traditional Christianity." - Jerome Halverson, Ph.D.; Dean, University of St. Thomas

"Dr. O'Brien, equally at home in Eastern and Western religious philosophy, presents a wonderful prescription for integrating yoga into the Christian experience. His book, written with remarkable clarity, will help Christians - and other people of faith - to deepen their spirituality." - Benjamin J. Hubbard, Ph.D.; Chair, Religious Studies Department, California State University

"Dr. Justin O'Brien offers brilliant insights into the meeting of yoga and Christianity. His book will surely help those who wish to grow, to find themselves, and to find God." - William Johnston, S.J.; Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

"Here a rich fare awaits the reader. Let us speak a word of blessing and savor the feast!" - The Reverend Ralph Roth, from the Foreword

Yes International Publishers ISBN: 0-936663-14-2


Superconscious Meditation

By Justin O'Brien (Swami Jaidev Bharati)

Do you want to meditate but don't quite know how? This book is made for you! It is written with a simple, direct, yet enthralling elegance that discloses the heart of the matter with such aplomb and down-to-earth practicality that the reader wants to get right down and practice the reality: Superconscious Meditation. If ever there was a guide that takes itself seriously, this is it. These lean chapters clear the field of mental clutter and grandiose verbosity and leave only room for the reader's actual adventure into meditation.

Yes International Publishers ISBN: 0-936663-42-5


The Spiral Path

Explorations into Women's Spirituality

By Theresa King (Ma Devi)

Midwest Book Achievement Award:
Best Religious Book (merit)

This highly visionary book explores the sacredness of women's lives. Spiritual teachers from many cultural and spiritual traditions view women as extraordinary sacred beings. Trade Paper.

This treasure of diverse and visionary writings explores the sacredness of women's everyday lives. Twenty-two contemporary spiritual teachers—including Irina Tweedie, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Swami Radha, Bernadette Roberts, and Mary Giles—probe aspects of their lives from sexuality, work, and cooking, to relationships, prayer, and mysticism. A vision then emerges of women as extraordinary sacred beings, their lives sources of personal and community transformation. This book is a guide for those seeking a practical, workable spiritual life.

"A cross-cultural, holistic integration of psychology and spirituality for women... Stimulating!" - Library Journal

"A mirror of things discerned in every woman's lifetime." - West Coast Review of Books

"Timely and ambitious...offers many resources for charting one's own spiritual path." - Booklist

"Empowers, encourages, enlightens... Original perceptions of the feminine spiritual quest." - Creation Spirituality

"Voices from within many traditions with the single goal of human integration." - National Catholic Reporter

"A rich, eclectic array to achieve fulfillment through spirituality" - New Directions for Women

Yes International Publishers ISBN: 0-936663-13-5


The Divine Mosaic

Women's Images of the Sacred Other

By Theresa King (Ma Devi)

Twenty-four spiritual teachers from around the world tell about the God that directs their innermost lives and compels them to continue their search for ultimate meaning. Powerful and heart-fulfilling. Trade Paper.

In this remarkable collection of essays, 24 women from many different spiritual traditions look into the face of God and tell us what they see. Their images of the Sacred Other in prose and poetry form a mosaic that challenges old assumptions and brings the divine fully into the lives of women today.

"The Divine Mosaic is a potent telling of the once and future pieces emerging to fill in the feminine face of God. We are witness here to a mystery as women scholars and seekers from many traditions tell of their deepest encounter with the Divine Feminine. Their words are fire and flame into one's mind. Their images cut to the heart and one knows that the world will never be the same." - Jean Houston, Author of Public like a Frog

"...a rich resource of thought and study." - Publishers Weekly

Yes International Publishers ISBN: 0-936663-10-4