At the Institute of the Himalayan Tradition lies a unique table that integrates the resources of the ancient understanding of our biological energy united with modern technology. This apparatus is a blend of technology and yoga consciousness bringing profound renewal. It is called the BETAR, an acronym for Bio-energetic transduction-aided resonance. Due to our life situations, our body stores stress in its tissues, which in turn hampers our well-being. The stress imbalances that disturb and make the body susceptible to illness often go undetected until they become quite acute. We then assume that the stiffness, soreness, negative thinking, and the general fatigue that fosters aging is normal.

Peter Kelly, the inventor of BETAR, an initiate in our tradition, sees our mind/body as “energy as information.” That information is subject to bodily change through moods indicated by heart beat, respiration, blood pressure, and so on. Detectable by the BETAR is the emotional charge that we invest in our thinking that has a profound effect on our overall state of well-being.

As you lie in the bed breathing and listening to BETAR’s pleasant music, gliding sound waves pass through and resonate with your body. The 12 sensitive speaker-transducers continually detect stress imbalances and feed them back to the computer, which sends a new wave to cancel the subtle stress levels through the tissues of your body, thus inducing a relaxation response. Those who have a BETAR “ride” say that the congested energy that they feel simply goes away, leaving them feeling more emotionally at ease. Some say it is like a deep massage within the body or a very refreshing sleep.

The BETAR is one of the finest pieces of relaxation equipment available today.

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